woensdag 13 april 2011

Public Beta release of Thumb Keyboard 4.0

Update: The public beta test is now finished. Thank you beta testers for your great feedback. It has helped a lot to improve the keyboard. For further info about the final release please visit the Thumb Keyboard blog

In order to unleash the power of the new Android versions (Honeycomb and Gingerbread) Thumb Keyboard for Android is completely rewritten. Because of this, the decision is made to release this exciting new version first as a beta to the public and to current users. 

The new 4.0 version of Thumb Keyboard adds a lot of new features to the already full featured 3.0 version. To name a few:
  • multi-touch 
  • Correct previous written words with suggestions (will work fully on Android 2.3 and higher)
  • Shortcuts - store and edit much written phrases, mail signatures, logins and insert them with a simple tap
  • Toggle-able Toolbar with user customizable keys - Assign your own navigation (Honeycomb: pgdown, pgup, home, end) and text editing functions (Gingerbread and higher: copy, paste, forward delete), F keys, accented characters, domain suffixes, smileys etc etc to toolbar keys
  • New addition to the prediction algorithm: predict a word based on a previous word
  • New: resize the width of the letter keys on the split layouts. With the option to adjust the height, one can now adjust the keyboard completely to ones own hands and device!!
  • Alternative suggestions for voice input. Just tap on the recognized word to see the alternatives
  • New: Small keyboard for 10" tablets for one handed operation
  • Redesign of the keyboard based on multi-touch chording. Entering numbers and operating the cursor keys was never more easy! 
  • New style popup keyboards
  • New design of the keyboard layout. Easier access of much used keys
  • Better esthetic integration with Honeycomb by the use of Honeycomb style windows
  • and more 

28 opmerkingen:

  1. I can't see to locate where to add/edit shortcuts. What am I missing?

  2. Never mind. I found it. (if anyone else is confused, it is the big M key over the tab key).

  3. The space bar road is not show on the g tablet

  4. @Ken what android version are you running? Btw make sure that the show completion indicator in the settings menu is checked.

    At all. If the keyboard is behaving strangely after installation please reboot.

  5. Ken it seems there are some installation problems on the g tablet. In case you don't get the layout as shown in the screenshot you are suffering from the same problem. Will post a fix later.

  6. did you add a shift key on the right? I keep hitting shift when I mean to hit back space and I keep hitting backspace instead of L..anyway to get rid of that? I'm so used to the old lay out this is actually slowing me down.

  7. Keyboard click is a bit too soft. Using the motorola Xoom.

    Option to remove the right-hand shift would be great. Other than that, amazing!

  8. Thanks for this feedback

    This version only support the device default sounds. Final release will have some (louder) sounds, like the current market version.

    An option to remove the right hand shift will be added. Note however that it is merely a matter of accommodation. In the end the extra shift key in combination with multi-touch enhance the usability of the keyboard. However, to make the transition easy an option for getting the old layout back will be added.

  9. Just a few notes (not bugs, this is stuff I like)

    The landscape layout works better for me than the previous version and I am making less typos in general. I am not hitting b instead of spacebar as often.

    The 'stuck in all caps' bug is fixed (I was just about to report this to you when I saw you were re-writing and planning a Beta, so I didn't bother, but on v3 if I typed two capital letters in a row, it would get stuck in all caps until I closed and re-opened the keyboard).

    Multi touch is working very well. There is virtually no typing lag anymore.

    I really like the multi touch chord for symbol and number typing. Having the numbers all reachable to the right thumb when holding down the symbol button but then instantly return to the alpha keyboard will make typing passwords and other alphanumeric strings much easier.


  10. If you are in chord mode using the symbol key, and then use the cursor keys to move to correct a previous word you cannot select any of the displayed 'suggestions' without first releasing the symbol key.

  11. This a very comfortable layout. The only thing I would recommend is moving the left shift down, move the z-b further to the left side. Move the NM., to the v-m row. Put the settings and Microphone to the top or right side. This would be closer to a touch typing style.

    The split is very nice for the 10 in screen.

  12. Much improved layout compared to the paid market version.
    Two remarks: 1 bug, 1 feature request.

    "Touch to correct" is a wonderful feature but adds instead of correcting the word, making it totally unuseable.

    Can you add swype-left feature to delete whole previous word? This is the only feature I greatly miss in Thumb Keyboard.

  13. @ Paolo "touch to correct words" will only work in Gingerbread and Honeycomb

    (User configurable) swype gestures will be added to the final release

    Thanks for your feedback!

  14. Thanks Appelflap.
    One more (bug) I noticed.

    When standing in a numeric field the keypad pops up, but that keyboard does not have any arrows on it.
    Especially while working with numbers arrow keys would come in handy.

    Also noted that adding ":" or ";" does not automatically remove the space after a word like other interpunction signs do.

    P.S. Thought it might be useful for you to know that this Thumb Keyboard works well on a 10.1" Notion Ink Adam with custom 2.1 based ROM (Beast 2.2).

  15. Would it be possible to add a keyboard layout with the control key? With multi touch support, this may mean I can finally use Emacs in a terminal without an external keyboard!

    Otherwise, thanks for the great app! It's worth the tiny price, though I still wish it were open source ;)

  16. For some reason, long pressing the p button for me doesn't bring up the 0 character. Every other key I tested works fine just not the p key

  17. Keyboard letters are very small in my milestone, how to fix then?

  18. is there a way to customize the keyboard layout? I'd like the "b" key to be on the left (and no "v" key on the right)

  19. PLEASE PLEASE add various mappings not just qwerty - I'm not going to buy it when its on the market if it's not added obviously, it's too much of a hassle to learn a new mapping :(

    the rest being very good that would make me sad ;-)

    Also on the SGS2 I get some FC's while changing layouts (once set and working its ok)

    additionally the "test layout" button does nothing, but the one to test in the "change height" menu works fine.

    Good job overall

  20. When pressing the shift key, other than the shift key itself changing, the rest of the keyboard doesn't reflect capital letters.

    Galaxy Tab

  21. @ Kang there will be various keyboardmappings added to the release, like azery, qwertz, Spanish, Scandinavian, German and more to come in the future.

    As for the SGS2 problem I couldn't reproduce it on another SGS2. Please reboot your device to see if the errors are consistent and permanent on your Sgs2

  22. @ Harvest in some very rare cases the keyboard needs a reboot after the installation. A reboot will solve your problems

  23. @Beansoft Thank you! Works perfectly now!

  24. @Beansoft cool :)
    For the small issue with the layout test button, i can reproduce it even after factory reset and also after reboot.
    Nothing in logcat also. Odd. Model is GT-I9100 from the UK, running XWKE2

  25. This is literally the greatest thing that I have ever used. Thank you.

  26. Love the keyboard on my Galaxy Tab. I do find that the keyboard never uses the full-screen mode, and I do not have that option checked in settings. It makes using landscape often quite difficult.

  27. Here also very small font on Milestone Android 2.2 like El Rincon de Mr. Danger said.

    Before last update it was very good. Now functionality is ok, the size of keys also but the font size are very small.

    How to change it.