woensdag 13 april 2011

Public Beta release of Thumb Keyboard 4.0

Update: The public beta test is now finished. Thank you beta testers for your great feedback. It has helped a lot to improve the keyboard. For further info about the final release please visit the Thumb Keyboard blog

In order to unleash the power of the new Android versions (Honeycomb and Gingerbread) Thumb Keyboard for Android is completely rewritten. Because of this, the decision is made to release this exciting new version first as a beta to the public and to current users. 

The new 4.0 version of Thumb Keyboard adds a lot of new features to the already full featured 3.0 version. To name a few:
  • multi-touch 
  • Correct previous written words with suggestions (will work fully on Android 2.3 and higher)
  • Shortcuts - store and edit much written phrases, mail signatures, logins and insert them with a simple tap
  • Toggle-able Toolbar with user customizable keys - Assign your own navigation (Honeycomb: pgdown, pgup, home, end) and text editing functions (Gingerbread and higher: copy, paste, forward delete), F keys, accented characters, domain suffixes, smileys etc etc to toolbar keys
  • New addition to the prediction algorithm: predict a word based on a previous word
  • New: resize the width of the letter keys on the split layouts. With the option to adjust the height, one can now adjust the keyboard completely to ones own hands and device!!
  • Alternative suggestions for voice input. Just tap on the recognized word to see the alternatives
  • New: Small keyboard for 10" tablets for one handed operation
  • Redesign of the keyboard based on multi-touch chording. Entering numbers and operating the cursor keys was never more easy! 
  • New style popup keyboards
  • New design of the keyboard layout. Easier access of much used keys
  • Better esthetic integration with Honeycomb by the use of Honeycomb style windows
  • and more